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Outdated home security system in Davenport
September 15, 2020

Can I Buy a Davenport Security System Installation With Existing Hardware?

So your home has an existing security system and you’d like to add the security of ADT monitoring. Perhaps your new home already has a security system wired up. Or did you purchase a DIY doorbell camera and now you want to use a complete security package? You may even currently have a system with another provider, but aren’t happy with their offerings.

Fortunately, you may be able to get a Davenport security system installation with existing hardware -- depending on some key factors.

You Bought A House With Existing Security Hardware Already Installed

When you toured your new house, you discovered it had a security system that was already wired in. Now that you’re the owner, don’t wait to activate it. Unless your hardware is very dated, reactivating it shouldn't be a problem. A specialist will still go to your house to ensure the equipment is still functioning and update your touchscreen control hub. And because you currently own the equipment, you may qualify for a lower-cost monthly contract.

However, don't feel like you're limited to your outdated security system. A lot of new accessories can work with your existing ADT-monitored security system. So, go ahead and add devices, like security cameras or monitored smoke detectors, for a more complete security system. Your technician can also replace equipment for a more modern experience.

Davenport security system monitoring.

You Want To Incorporate An Integrated Security System Around Your DIY Component

In the past, you may have installed an exterior camera or a smart lock as a standalone occurrence. Now, you're ready for a comprehensive Davenport security system with round-the-clock monitoring. But instead of replacing that one-off device, can you sync it with the new system?

A lot of the times yes -- but it’s not a guarantee. Components such as doorbell cameras, glass break sensors, and smart locks that rely on Z-Wave technology have a better ability to integrate. Then, it's an easy process to pair the device to your ADT control panel. Be aware that cheap or very outdated security components may not cooperate and will need to be switched out. Simply contact Secure24 Alarm Systems, and we can let you know which DIY components will work with the mobile app and control panel.

You’d Like To Keep Using Your Current Alarm Components But Change Monitoring Providers

If the monitoring service you currently have isn't meeting your needs, you might think about changing companies without switching hardware. The first thing to do is see if your current company has exclusive equipment. If they do, then changing security monitoring will require a re-installation of all your devices. That may be a pain, but when it’s done you'll have the latest and greatest equipment that may include more features and be easier to control.

If you can switch, then the change over may be somewhat easy. Just check that you’re not in the middle of a contract before you switch over. You may be responsible for two security contracts! You'll need to change out outdated or broken equipment, but the monitoring change should be smooth for you .

Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems To Find Out If You Can Get a Davenport Home Security Installation With Your Existing Hardware

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