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March 21, 2023

Essential Neighborhood Safety Tips For Davenport

You can’t underestimate the value of your neighborhood, because it’s where your kids are raised and the backdrop for much of your life. It makes sense that you would like to do your part to keep it secure. Fortunately, you are able to do just that by following some straightforward neighborhood safety tips for Davenport. Merely doing things like getting to know your fellow residents and installing a home security system will go a long way toward improving the safety of all.

1. Incorporate A Modern Davenport Home Security System

The safety of your property and neighborhood are intertwined. By incorporating a home security system, you're preventing theft and helping keep intruders out of your local area. Current systems that let you remotely switch on lights or check your surveillance camera's live feed are formidable tools. When you include around-the-clock monitoring, you'll have a complete means of protection that is prepared to act whether you're home or not.

2. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Making an introduction when new families move in is a beneficial neighborhood safety tip, but it’s smart to take it a step further and get to know them. Do they have kids? Is anyone home during the day? It's likely you will figure out ways to help one another, even if it's simply placing a call if you notice something out of the ordinary. Many communities will plan events or have smaller groups for special interests. Join in when you’re able, and if your neighborhood shares information on social media, make certain you can access it. This is a great way to get immediate information on what's going on.

3. Clean Up Your Davenport Property And Community

From a criminal’s viewpoint, people who don’t pay attention to their property and neighborhood may also be careless about their home’s protection. Don't make your home and neighborhood attractive to criminals. Keep it clean, and make sure plants and trees next to entry points are well-groomed, so you don't provide places to hide. Exterior video cameras and motion-triggered lights are also excellent means of deterring crime. If there's an empty lot in the area, organize a volunteer group to keep it free of weeds and well-maintained.

4. Make Plans If You’re Going To Be Out Of Town

A vacant house is always a preferred target. When mail is spilling out of your mailbox or snowfall is piling up on your driveway, it's fairly clear you're not there. Simply asking a neighbor to retrieve your mail or finding someone to maintain your property is a good choice. Home automation is also quite beneficial as you may have lights activate at certain times to make it seem like you're there.

5. Be Careful Of What You Circulate On Social Media Platforms

Even though you're enthusiastic about a future trip or a much needed outing with friends, you don't need to tell the world when you're leaving. Be mindful of what you post on social media, even if it's a closed neighborhood page. Bringing attention to your plans to be absent is never a good idea.

Promote Safety By Installing a Home Security System From Secure24 Alarm Systems

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